Ide card or motherboard ata?



i have a liteon 1673 which is supposed to be able to burn @ 16x. i use mcc 004 media which is supposed to support it. my question is should i buy an ide card to hook up my wd 160 hd to because it wont read past udma 4 which is ata 66? the hd supports udma 5 which is ata 100. my burns with nero spin up and then there is a drop in speed about 50-60% of the way through. both mb ide channels are set to dma if available. just wondering if i could use an ide controller card in a pci slot to boost udma to 100 ata or will it revert back to udma4(ata66) which is max for motherboard ide channels. am running windows xp/sp1, 1ghz amd athlon, 768 ram. just want to test some burns at 16x as i have read that 16x burning has quality issues with my litey. thanks

ps i am assuming the lack of 16x burning is do to the fact that my hd is too slow when hooked to mb ide channels. (only running at udma 4 ata/66)


Use Nero Burning Rom and tick the “Determine Maximum Speed” box and then hit “Speed Test”. Nero will then let you know if your HD is fast enough to support burning at 16x by performing read tests.

You certainly can use an IDE card to boost your speed beyond your motherboard’s built in IDE - I would recommend the SYBA card with the SIL0680 chip as it works very well with optical drives.


Your IDE interface is not slowing the drive, the drive is just slow. Probably badly fragmented. DVD burning requires only UDMA2/ATA33.

Run a CDSpeed datadisc test with one of the MCC004 discs and post the graph.


i hope you put the dvd burner on its own ide controller :slight_smile:


my hd is not badly fragmented. i defrag everytime prior to burning. thanks for the info though. i also dont have a speed test button on my nero program.


That doesn’t mean it’s not fragmented. Please post the datadisc test graph.


ok i will post.


here’s a nero read speed test