Ide Cables

I see some that say floppy and some say FDD and some say 1-device.
Which one’s of the round IDE Cables can I buy and use for my Plextor PX-760A & PX-716A?I think that I need 12" or 18" either length will work.My burners will be pretty close to my mobo connections.

I would go with a shorter cable length. But you will also have to take into consideration are you going to get a bigger case will give more room but you will need a longer cable as well. But if you don’t plan on going bigger case the short cable should be fine. And make sure you have room inside the case for ventilation to keep it cool as well so as to no block any cooling fan ports. Also depends on how many bays you have and which bay you will put your drive.

Three 5.25" bays.Antec 900 gaming case

If you don’t plan on switching your parts to new case then if a shorter cable works then go with a shorter cable. But remember you will have only one free 5.25 drive bay left so make sure you have future expansion in mind in case you want to use drive that fit 5.25 bay. My case is a cooler case with 4 5.25 bay and 7 3.5 bay of which I have only 1 3.5 bay left free. All the expansion was with parts I had from previous cases and hardware I choose to keep.

No,I’ll have no bays left.My lite-on LH-20A1P is installed right now.And I’am adding a Plextor PX-760A & PX-716A.