Ide cables & fans



I just put an ide cable in to replace the ribbon cable to a lg burner and Benq burner and the other end to the moboard. It worked good(now slave and master, use to be cable select on both with ribbon cable) but i should have bought a shorter cable, i got one 24" and it is to long but works ok in Dell Dimension 4600. I also ordered an ide cable for the floppy drive and it hasn’t got here. It has a place to connect to moboard and one end to floppy drive.

I have the regular harddrive that came with my puter and another west digital on top of that drive and i see it has a flat ribbon cable. Can i buy another 18 or 19" ide cable(3 leads) and go moboard, and other two ends to these two harddrives? I figure i could.

Maybe it is my imagination but it seems my puter is popping up folders faster and how could it when i only put one ide cable in but it was to the optical drives.

Last question, can i take this floppy drive out and put anything else in there or should i just leave it? I never use it. Does anyone know on a Dell Dimension 4600 moboard, how many fans, if anymore can i plug into the moboard? I wanted to put a hd cooler fan on the west digital and does anyone know how many slots is on moboard to add or hook up extra lil fans inside the case?


The 4600 has two IDE connectors on its motherboard #1 primary, #2 secondary. Your hdds should be connected to the primary as master and slave, the connector in the middle is the slave position.

The fdd has a completely different connector, if you have the fdd leave it in, there are still applications that use them.

You can always add fans and power them from the 12V molex connectors, these fans should only have two wires.


Thanks dc3. You answered everything i was wanting to know. I’ll just leave the floppy like it is.