IDE Cable?

Does the NEC ND 3540a OEM have to use a 80 pin IDE cable like the Pioneer dvr?
I only have a 40 pin cable so I cant get the pioneer 109 or a09xl.

I like the reviews of this NEC 3540a but it dosent say what kind of IDE cable it needs.

You are basing a $40-$70 burner purchase decision on the fact that you don’t have a $5 80 wire IDE cable? There must be something else you haven’t mentioned :eek: Buy the cable, then buy the burner you want.

Take a look at this site. There are explanations about IDE cables.

Hope this can help

My 3540 worked with a 40-conductor cable, but when I switched to a 80-conductor cable I noticed an increase in both burn stability and burn quality.

first of i must say i totally agree with the first reply ,second of all ide cables are 40 pins there are 40 and 80 wires which is a diffrent thing,nec 3540 will work fine with 40 wires cable cuz its ata33

TommyCP are you sure that really happend ? maybe after you switched to 80 you also used newer version of burning software or another burning software or another media brand or burned at higher/slower speed quality will vary with diff speeds/media/software and firmware also,basicly with with ata33 drives there shouldnt be any diffrence with 40/80 wires maybe your 40 wire cable was just bad quality

What I saw was that the burns in Nero CD-DVD Speed were more stable after I switched to an 80-conductor cable, especially in the last part of the burns. Also, PIE/PIF scanning showed lower PIE levels.

All optical drives work just fine using 80 wire cables, and usually work better with them. I’d suggest no matter what switching to an 80 wire (all cables are 40 pin) cable. Then whatever burner you get will work just fine. :iagree:

Thanx for the replies.
I didnt know that both the 80 and 40 cables only have 40 pins.

What does ata33 mean?

Is the Pioneer also ata33?

Is there a certain brand of IDE cable to be on the lookout for? or should I just run to radio shack or something to get an 80 wire cable?

vantec & thermaltake make great ide cables