Ide cable with retail px716a

What type of ide cable comes with the retail packaged px716a (40-wire udma33 or 80-wire udma66/100/133)??
(I have a bulk px716a which came without cable/screw/programs and I want use correct cable…I dont know if px716a is a udma33 or 66 drive)
Thank you

80 Pin for UDMA 4/ATA 66. :slight_smile:

Yup, 80-wire flatcable.

Thank you
I have problems with the double px116a and nero and plextor support suggests to use a 40-wire cable (?). Is this a evident error ??

Hmm. That is weird, I always thought the 80 wire cable would do anything the 40 wire cable would. Wonder why Plextor wanted you to use a 40 wire. They must know something we are missing. :confused:

All ata are 40 pin. The ata 100 are 80 conducter. They dont share grounds or commons is the diff. The are 40 wire pairs in other words.

I understand that, what I don’t undrestand is why Plextor wants sirca to use a 40 pin cable instead of a 80 pin. If it’s not using the other 40 pairs of wires then what is the diiference. Thats the part I am having trouble understanding. An 80 pin should do everything a 40 pin cable does and more. :confused:

The retail drive is supplied with the 80 conductor cable to reduce cross-talk at the higher speeds of 16x recording. Plextor may have said to use the 40 conductor as a troubleshooting step, but operations should always be done with the 80 conductor cable.

40-wire cable usually forces the bus to run at a lower speed (i.e. ATA33) - That might be why they suggested it if you’re having problems…