IDE Cable Select Ground Question

I am adding a hard drive and want to make a cable select IDE cable so I don’t have to mess with changing jumpers, just switch cables if I change hard drives between primary and slave drive. I found a good site as to how to clip and/or solder lead no. 28 to ground but my new round IDE cable does not have any red line or marking designating which side (no.1) lead is ground. Please have a look at the pic below. With the locating middle tab which orients the connector to the drive/motherboard on the IDE connector pointing up, which side of the connector is no.1 or ground?..the yellow or blue arrow?
Thanks in advance from the computer builders on this great site that make their own cable select cables.

The yellow should be pin 1.

Why not just buy a cable select cable?

Its not a bad idea.

Well…came to find out that all 80 versus 40 lead IDE cables that are marked as shown are all cable select.
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