IDE cable for BENQ



I need a new IDE cable for my new Benq 1620 but I need the spacing to be --0 to 15 to 18" with 40pins & 80 wires. Having trouble finding one.! Any suggestions? Also, if I switch and put the Benq in the top bay and the dvd-rom in the 2nd bay (for cable to fit properly and make the Benq Master instead of slave) will I gain any advantages? Thanks for all the help. I hope someday to be able to assist others the way they assist me!


Best cables available:

Store link tested these cables and found under SiSoftware Sandra that the Gladiator scored 28,529 kB/s vs. an Antec Cobra Cable at 27,067 kB/s (shielded outside and ground wire, but no shielding of individual data wires per 80 wire spec) vs. a generic rounded cable at 22,708 kB/s.

Tweaktown found a 10% increase in SiSoft Sandra over a normal RIBBON cable (non-rounded).

Pimprig found a 9% better score on a RAID5 array under HDTACH over stock cables that came with the 3Ware RAID5 card. In Sandra, the score increased from 30,602 to 31,742. PCMark 2002 went increased to 619 over 613. Competing against a generic ROUNDED cable, Gladiator was 14% faster (notice the reduction vs. a standard ATA133 ribbon cable…was 9% against a ribbon cable) in HDTach, Sandra was 6.8% faster with Gladiator, and PCMark scored a 0.5% better with Gladiator cable.

Themodfathers in the uk tested against two rounded cables and a flat cable. in SiSoft Sandra, the IOSS cable scored 27287 vs 26545 for flat vs. 26696 and 26343 for the other rounded cables, a 2.8% increase over a flat cable. Interestingly, one round cable scored 0.5% better and one 0.7% worse than a flat cable. In HDSpeed results, the burst read was 0.38% better and read 0.36% better for the IOSS. For one rounded, a 0% burst read and 0.18% improved read speed, and the other a -0.12% burst and -1.45% read. These tests were done with case lighting, CD, DVD, secondary HDD, and floppy all disconnected.

PCHardware out of Austrailia tested them on both a Maxtor ATA133 (the cables are rated at ATA100) master and WD ATA100 slave drive. They were tested against a generic rounded cable. The Maxtor showed a 4% gain in Sandra while the WD showed a 15% increase.


Hi - any (& I mean any) IDE cable less than 18" long will work. Best would be an 80-way IDE cable - this may alternatively be described as: ATA66, ATA100, or ATA133; or UDMA4, or UDMA5, & so on.