IDE Cable flat ATA133 24" - $1.99 each free shipping

I was looking for 24" IDE Cables to replace my broken ones and I could only find averaged $5-8 each shipped… until I found this one at newegg…

If you buy quantity of 6 or more it will be $1.99 each free shipping.

Just wanted to share… :wink:

Yo Z-

Great find - thanks-eh!


Yo Z-

Newegg also has the Belkin 18 inch round IDE cables in black only for $1.99 + $.99 shipping if you purchase five or more here:

Which is a much better deal than my Vantecs were at like $6.50 each plus shipping (ofcourse I saw them after I had gotten my Vantecs)-


Yo M-

I was looking for round cable too (for testing) but couldn’t find any quantity pricing last night. Great find btw!

PS: I know many people recommends flat over round cables, but I supposed your round Vantecs works -eh?

Yo Z-

Vantecs working good - just wish that I had found the Belkins - coulda had like 3+ for 1 of the Vantecs - oh well-


I have been using 5 cheap round cables for over 3 years and I interchange them all the time to accomodate different drive setups. I have never had a single problem, unlike SATA cables which I have found to be very tempermental (probably the drive connection is the problem).

i buy my round ide cables for about 1.50 at local shops, i guess it pays to buy local :slight_smile:

That’s very cheap, probably imported from China?

idk, wherever its made for the cheapist, they always get a ton and never sell them all and drop prices, plus i usaully buy those from the wharehouse so i skip the handling and shipping charges :slight_smile:

That’s cool. If I want, I can go to Yongsan area in Seoul and ask some cable makers for specific lengths and connectors. Custom-made but cheaper than mass-produced imported cables. (Only problem is I now live too far from Yongsan.) :slight_smile: