IDE burner to USB Enclosure problems

I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I have an R3000T laptop. It’s not a shabby laptop as it’s a P4 3.2 Ghz CPU with HT with 512DDR Ram. I was wondering if someone knew why my burner( DVR-A07) will burn at the right speeds whenever it is connected using IDE cables (Internal), burn when I connect it to my computer or laptop using a USB 2.0 enclosure, the no matter what speed I select, the burner burns at like 2x on any job I try to run.

Thanks in Advanced


Update: I just tried burning a CD-R with this drive and that seems to burn at Max speed (24x). So i’m not sure why when it comes to dvd-+r, it burns so freaking slower than it should be.

It depends on your enclosure’s chipset. I had a cypress one earlier, same thing… Now I bought a Bytecc ALI chipset and it burns perfectly.

Do you have any links to where I can get one with that chipset…

I have read that is a good one…people are getting close to 16X burns with 16X burners.

I actually have this enclosure, Plumax PM-525C2-PPS

I use the Firewire port and have been burning consistently at 16x on the Pioneer DVR-108D using NILs hacked 1.14 firmware. Meda I use is FujiFilm 8x (TY02), bought at BJs Wholesale Warehouse for $29.99 for 50 pack (made in Japan).


I have the same problem and I am looking forward to buy one of these two (or any other, suggestions?)

Which one do u guys recommend? I wanna get good speeds in BOTH USB and FireWire… so which one should I choose?

They are not ALI Chipset… is that a bad thing? How is that prolific chipset?

Comments, suggestions, anything will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



I have the second one and I only use the Firewire port. I did have problems burning 16x using the USB port.