IDE Burner - Samsung SH-S202J vs Pioneer DVR-216BK




My Lite-On SHM-165P6S has just decided to die so I’m on the hunt of another cheap (but good :p) IDE DVD burner.

I’m hoping for it not to be excessively noisy (sure, they’re all noisy at 12-16x, but some seem to be a lot noisier than others).

At the moment I’m looking at one of these two:

Samsung SH-S202J (£14)
Pioneer DVR-216BK (£16)

…but I’m open to any other suggestions - I’d like to avoid Lite-On though, I’ve had 3 Lite-On drives and all of them have broken.

Thanks in advance for any help. :bow:


The 216 is SATA, if you want ide you will have to get the 116 ;).


Whoops, my bad, I copied the wrong product number :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant…

Samsung SH-S202J (£14)
Pioneer DVR-116DBK (£16)

Which would you get :)? Or neither?


Pioneer, never had luck with samsung :frowning:
Also the optiarc 7200A/7201A/7203A is a good choice :slight_smile:


Thanks! I went for the Pioneer, found it on offer for £12 delivered :p.


Sounds like a nice bargin! care to share where you got it from please?



It was on but they seem to have put it back up now to £14.99 - still, not too bad. Arrived today - so I’m Happy!