Ide 40pin or 80pin?

just to see a show of hands…
which one u use to connect ur LG4120?

I use only 80-pin for most of my optical drives and hard drives. Right now, none of my online systems running Windows OS use any 40-pin cable.

All IDE cables have 40 pins.

The proper term is a “40-conductor” or “80-conductor” cable because the 80 conductor cable has more wires, but the same number of pins as a 40 conductor cable.

DVD burners shouldn’t need a 80 conductor cable.

so i can conclude that 80 conductor is not of any difference compared to 40 conductor?? then why this guy reported something like that?

It might be that his original cable had a contact problem somehere - if he had used another new 40 conductor it perhaps would have worked as well. Since all burners currently on the market employ only the UDMA2 mode, an 80 conductor cable makes no real sense - these cables are meant for UDMA5+ speeds to reduce signal noise levels


Reducing signal levels should work on udma2 odd also, so in that aspect it does make sense using an 80conductor 40pin cable (doesnt “80pin cable” sound better dhc014 :stuck_out_tongue: ) instead.

Not really - the noise factor usually impacts only at much higher speeds - udma2 is no more than a “turbo turtle” mode (33MB/s) naturally with a relaxed data timing. However, it might be that a system is operated on a poluted power-point causing (overall) unusual high noise levels. Even unter such circumstances I doubt that an 80pin will improve the situation.

just my thoughts…

just my thoughts…
which are logical and very much welcome :slight_smile:

Still, even so, an 80pin for odd could only help, plus with it one can also use cable select

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong preferring an 80pin over a 40pin cable


sounded very technical but i try to understand what u guys saying here :slight_smile:
but at least i know now that the drive performance is independent of choice of cable.


I have just bought a 4120b,i have a medion pc intel 2.66 ,the motherboard is msi oem,the drive is secondary master,when i first try the 4120 the buffer is always near 0 in nero, so i look the properties of the ide and i see he is in pio mode,i change the cable (80 wires flat for another one ,80 wires rounded ),i restart and look properties always pio mode and buffer near 0 in nero ,then i xchange with my other pc for a 40 wires flat cable,restart etc…
and this work ,udma 2 and buffer full, and the 2 80 wires cables works in my other pc with a Liteon 412, strange ??

You could have changed the DMA settings from within the OS to UDMA2 and the problem would be solved.

but at least i know now that the drive performance is independent of choice of cable.
It should be yes :slight_smile:

I was confused while replying first. Yes, there are only 40 pins in all PATA connectors. :slight_smile:

Whether it’s good to use 40/80 cable or not, the good thing is that 80-cm 40/80 PATA data cables are cheap now. I bought some for US$2 per each, but SATA cables are cheaper, wider in bandwidth, lighter, and longer.

To summarise this long and maybe confusing story - the 80 wire ide cable has been designed for udma5/6 means ATA100/133 since these devices have a much smaller signal/data level (amplitude). However, feel free to use this cable even with udma2 (ATA33) but there are no performance increasing issues attached to this cable.

lucky you! I wish I would live at your place. In Australia they still want a fortune especially for longer (full tower) ide cables.

That’s probably because human labor cost is very high in Australia compared to South Korea and China. And cables are too cheap to make great profits for small retailers to import in a large quantity. I know at least one good maker of cables and connectors in Yongsan, Seoul that makes cables themselves or import from China or Taiwan. Yongsan alone employs about 100,000 people and Seoul still can provide millions of supply to the cheap labor market. :slight_smile:

I think the major culprit here in OZ is exessive profit greed. Yes, labor costs are higher in Australia but not as high as in the US or Europe.

But there are tens of millions of immigrants and foreign workers in both Europe and North America. Also, often the cheapest retailers in the US are run by overseas Chinese family network that are usually connected to the mainland China.

Products like LAN cables and IDE cables are often hand-made in small shops. I bought CAT5E cables for less than US$0.6 per each last year, for instance. It’s easy and routine for them to make IDE cables if they have sources to buy the necessary parts that are usually very cheap.

Profits, I think, is also human labor cost. Taxi in New Zealand and Australia, I heard, are very expensive. Also very expensive in Japan. That’s due to the higher-standard of living and higher-expectation of average income per capita. If there are few people who are willing to run businesses that import and sell hardware products in a market, or even make them themselves, the prices are going to stay very high, depending on what level of profits the people on the distrition side want.

By the way, there might be no need to buy extra cables if motherboard makers bundle enough with the motherboards. I recently got a Chaintech motherboard and I was very pleased to find four SATA cables in the box along with three rounded cables for PATA HDD and FDD. The bundled cables were not best but reasonably long and slim. I hope all others to do the same. :slight_smile:

I too have been used to make cables myself, mostly ide cable, in my times as a field service technician. However, makes no sense any longer since the parts to build such a cable are more expensive than a manufactured one - this does not mean that the manufactured cables are cheap here in OZ. You can easily pay 10-20 bux for a single cable especially if u want a full-tower lenght cable.
You forget one thing, even the “cheapest” retailers from overseas, chinese or whatever, DO adjust their pricing to the local market, this way maximising their profits and avoiding true competition. If someone offers dirt cheap the quality of these products are mostly even cheaper

Talking about net income (disposable income) and living expenses in Australia, I can assure u that this relationship is no longer balanced. We have here in OZ the same problem like in the EU, over-inflated living costs and retail pricing but only a marginal net income. Average income people are out of pocket pretty quick!..and governments here do wonder why people are not spending more money :rolleyes:
The introduction of the GST (VAT) in OZ, some 4 years ago, made the governments (local, federal) extremely money greedy. They dropped all human decency just to milk more and more money out of the people. Now, they face a broken pieces (local) economy since “no one” has money left to spend. The whole situation is unbelievable stupid and embarrassing for our politicians.

The point here is that mobo manufacturer usually include only midi tower cable lengths - u can just throw them in the bin if u have a full-tower case!