IDE 1004 won't read any DVD

i’m assuming he drive is a btc since whenever i search for it in a search engine it comes up with btc. on the box it just says ‘pika one’

a couple of days ago it suddenly refused to read any dvd’s at all. copied, blank or original,it just says there’s no disk in the drive.

Cd’s however, are fine. so basically at the moment i have a cd drive.

also, when i open ‘my coputer’ instead of calling it a dvd drive like it used to, it now says cd drive.

i read on a site that if the firmware is under 43 there is a problem with the drives not reading dvd’s after a while, and mine was 40. so i updated it yesterday but i since it made no difference im assuming i should have thought about it and updated it earlier.

what i’d like to know is, is there a way of fixing the drive or have i lost it forever and now need to buy a new one?


In Windows Device manager remove the drive and reboot.That should do the trick.

I’m throwing my BTC 1016 out and I am looking now in earnest for a Benq 1620 Pro.

Computerthickie, Usually that means the drive is toast. As you stated, the 1004IM’s with early firmware had a fairly high suicide rate. You can either get it fixed under waranty or just pitch it. I gave my old 1004IM to a person I really didn’t like!