IDE 1004 no more CD's recognized!

First, excuse my bad english, I’m a “frog”.

I bought a DVD-RW from BTC (DVDRW ide1004 Firm V.039) about 1 month.
All was right until yesterday, I wrote about 5 CD and 5 DVD successfully.
So, yesterday, I wrote a CD-r (a verbatim “datalife”) and after that, impossible to read/recognize any CD/CD-R/CD-RW (the drive is shown as empty), and the CD I’ve just written is still blank (tested in another drive).

Now, It’s allright with the DVD’s but not with any CD.
“no media present”.
I tried under win98se and XP, I tried to change the position of the drive (master, slave, primary, secondary).
Flashed firm N° 048, but nothing more.
So, is there anything to do ?:bow: :bow:

Thanks a lot.