"IDE 1 ERROR" on AD-7543A !Please Help me!

I have a Toshiba 2450-401 and i just buy a Slim Drive NEC AD-7543A labelflash!

Rise a error “IDE 1 error”

Is this a message of incompatible hardware?

Can this solved?

Wrong firmware for this setup.


No need for different firmwares just for switching between normal ATA and reverse ATA. The necessary tools (Reverse ATA in this case) can be found on my Optiarc AD-7543A page.

Okay, I stand corrected. ;D

Thaks for your Help. But How can I install that files?

Please Help-me!

You will likely need an IDE adapter and a desktop PC in order to have your burner recognised so that it can be changed. Another option would be finding a different Laptop that recognises your drive, so that you can simply run the Reverse ATA program. It doesn’t need to be installed, it just sends a command to your drive to switch from normal to reverse ATA.

I also have a tool that is able to switch between Normal ATA, Reverse ATA, Master and Slave, but I’m not sure if it will recognise the 7543 drives too since it was sent out for a 7630 drive.


here i have same problem. My notebook is PackardBell M7305. I have posted this problem on PB Forum -> http://forum.packardbell.com/en/viewtopic.php?t=49441
and problem is not solved yet.

Can you help me. I tried all solutions known to me. Use friends notebook, remove HDD -> BIOS can’t see AD-7543A. I’am not able to find converter for normal PC adapter.