IDE#0 error..not 1

I was reading past 4 hours in the web, and there is only solution for IDE#1 error.
I have a Toshiba 5200-903 notebook.The ODD is dead and i need to replace it.
It’s slave, i have 2 other ODD - old Toshiba XM-1802B (CSEL) and Lite on LSC-24081M.
As far as i know i should set drives to slave.My HDD is master.
How to make them slave ?

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Check in the rear of the drive. You can see some jumpers like in the pic. Remember: the pic is only an example; the correct position for jumpers is shown on the drive itself, so search where you must put the jumper to set the drive as slave.

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But i’m talking about a slim type notebook ODD, there are no jumpers :wink:
Still searching and only found how to make it master, but i need to set it to slave.

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I dont know much about Liteon drives, but maybe there is CSEL firmware available for this drive??!! :confused:

Unfortunately there is no OEM firmware for Liteon slimline drives from Toshiba.

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Is there any hardware mod to force it to slave ?

You do not need to worry bout setup your drive to slave or master in Laptop, just pull the old one out and install the new dirve then windows authomatically detect the drive in the proper maner.

No, this is a no go.
Toshiba 5200-903 uses IDE0.
HDD is always master, the ODD is [B]always[/B] slave.I tried setting the HDD to slave, but it didn’t help.So the only solution is setting the drive to SLAVE.Since i couldn’t find any software tool, i’m asking if there is a hardware mod ?
See, if that helps for your Liteon. In case of problems it is better to ask in the Liteon CD/DVD writer section.