Id3 tagging organization/mp3 player

hello all…i need some assistance reguarding how to properly tag all my mp3s. basically i have a very large collection of mp3s that ive gathered over the years, however transporting them to a portable mp3 player has always been a challenge for me. i have tried all…and i mean ALL the players on the market today and they all have one major flaw in my opinion. transferring music in one way or another involves constructing playlists. now im very organized to the point that i have all my cds by genre/artist/song number. but whenever i try to upload my music to the mp3 player it never allows me to have that simple explorer look to it. it rearranges my music in its own special way. now im interested in getting a player that has a large hd like 30gigs or so. my question basically consists of two parts.

  1. is there an mp3 player that exists that i dont know about that will have the explorer like interface without adjusting my id3 tags?

  2. is there a program that will organize and rename if necessary my id3 tags to my entire collection?

thanks for the input as usual.

Look at this :

TagScanner from will read infor from your file names to create MP3 tags.

ID3-TagIt 3 also creates tags from filenames. It also does multiple tag replacements at once.

AudioGrail by KC Softwares ( ) is a from that I develop so feel free to ask for assistance !

i just found out the i audio x5 and the archos use a drag and drop method through explorer to upload music. are there any other players on the market today that utilize this easier method?