ID3 Tag Editor -?



I’ve run into an issue where Nero/NeroMIX doesn’t import the tag info from MP3’s I’ve purchased, ripped from CD’s (used iTunes or WMP10 to rip CD’s).

Can you suggest a ID3 tag editor to use to make the necessary corrections? Also, for future stuff, is there a better program to use to rip CD’s to make sure the tag info is correct?



try mp3 tag tools v1.2
it’s free and is very good.


K-MP3 :
I’m the author of this product, feel free to contact me if you need assistance :wink:


I use East CD-DA Extractor ( to rip CDs and Tag&Rename ( is a superb tag editor.


A feature request for you…

I’ve been looking for a tool to extract the cover art images from the tags of my collection of about 5000 meticulously tagged .mp3’s. Basically, something that can remove the images and plop them in a folder together; so that they can be used to create some custom wallpapers and such. Ideally, a program which can rip the artwork and save it using other tag information with the file name format of “artist - album.jpg/gif/bmp”. I’ve seen programs that do this, but only one file at a time. I need something which can batch process all my files.

As an extra bonus, the ability to extract just one image per album would be excellent (no duplicate images).

If anyone here has used MusicMatch (I use version 7.5) … there is a “view by album art” display where all cover images are arranged in a dense grid; and each image links (on hover) to a list of all tracks on the album and (on click) loads the album’s tracks in the player. It can’t handle a collection anywhere near this size though. I’d really really love if someone could create a program which can create a multi-page .html or some other version of this kind of index… But I understand I’m dreaming there.

However, I’d really appreciate if someone had a tool which could extract album art from .mp3 tags in batch processing.



Thank you !


This has been recently added to AudioGrail (K-MP3) as you suggested.

Try it out :


Thanks! I’ll be checking it out.

Here’s another .mp3 task I’ve searched in vain for (below) … maybe you can help with this one, too?

I have yet to find a music library program that can create a list of all songs (in .pdf or .htm format) in my library sorted my multiple tags at once. I mean, usually they just list all songs alphabetically. What I want is a list of songs to be sorted alphabetically by artist, and then, within each artist, I want the songs sorted chronologically (that is, by track number within an album, and by year of release (not alphabetically) for albums. So that the first track from the first album is the first one listed, and the last track from the last album is the last one listed.



Can it extract all the images as zamboniguy talked about? I had a quick look but couldn’t see a way…


No but it automatically download and stores on your hard drive the covert art for your MP3s


Well, that’s not the same at all! Every app. I’ve seen so far already does that.

What suggestion was it that you were responding to?


MediaMonkey can do everything You want and probably a bit more … It is great player, ID Tag editor (including ID3), music manager etc. etc.

Please check it up. I have used the freeware version and i’ve been totally satisfied with it.


Wow, those testimonials make it sound great - I’ll definitely be looking into this further and thanks for the link! (“Lauren” has over 50,000 files!?!? - that’s gotta be like 5 MONTHS (!) worth of non-stop music - how on earth could you ever collect that much??)

Thanks again, tsehov!


The Godfather can do all of it, it’s freeware, you can find the link on this forum


Again, thanks! I’ll be checking that out as well!


Godfather is “outdated”. Check AudioGrail v6.6 instead !


What do you think about it ? Have you tried this suggestion ?