ID3 Cover Art vs. Folder.jpg

I’ve got an enormous library that I’m trying to organize and wonder which is better attaching the album art to the ID3 or to put a single folder.jpg file in each folder. File organization is Artist/Album/artist - album - track# - tracktitle.mp3. Does one way take more space than the other? Tried searching and couldn’t find a thread directly, so… all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I do both actually and so far it seems to work out great. Shows up on the tv when burned dvds are played on the tv and the folders have the art showing when using explorer view on the computer.

Assuming it’s the same artwork, wouldn’t putting it in the ID3 use 10 times as much space for a 10 song album?

I was wondering that myself teddy and I’ve been going to check the file size before and after, but haven’t yet. I’ll post my finding here when I get time.

I did some checking and putting the album art in an ID3 tag copies the exact file, not a reduced sample. So you are right, if you put a 1MB jpg in with 10 songs, the total file size just went up by 10 MB.
In the days of 40 GB hard drives this would be a problem, but w/ 1TB drives now the norm and prices declining all the time I don’t see it as a problem. My whole mp3 collection is under 300 GB, at about 15,000 songs.
But still something to consider on devices with smaller storage.

I am using both ways, but little different than You. My music is organized in two ways:

  • compilation: Album name (Folder), then two folders, if there is more than 1CD (folder names CD1, CD2, bonus CD etc…), and artist-title.mp3

  • for single artist album only title name is in folder

In root folder there is full sized .jpg cover art of front, back, and CD scan, and I put only front cover art on MP3 tag, but in reduced size (350x350), so it not using much space.

I am also using .ogg files, but as i saw, Vorbis tag does not support images.