I'd like to buy some Verbatim, can you help?



Today im gona try get some verbatims.Whats the best speed to burn these on a lite-on drive?


I looked at wh smiths web site and its 5 for £5, its so overpriced.I cant find the verbatims on the sainsburs web sit can someone give me a link?


Could someone show me what the top of the vebatims look like(the picture side)


thses are the ones in pc world, its 50 for £20



They’re 8x discs, so they could be Riteks. I suggest trying to get a hold of 16x Verbatims.


Ok,where do they sell 16x?


They do them at smiths but there so overpriced, 5 for £5


Sorry if this has been already asked, but can you shop online? Unfortunately, if not, the discs will be overpriced :frowning:


No i cant buy online, it really sucks, im gona ask my mum if she will let me.


Will sainsburys still be doing that deal?


Hi :slight_smile:
Verbatim 16x MCC 03RG20/MCC 004 @ Sainsbury’s if you can find any left. They’re something like £5.20 for 25.


If your Mum does let you, make sure to order the discs from svp - very highly rated online store.


Ok il try get up there 2day :slight_smile:


Ok :bigsmile:


and will it say on the pack weather its made in taiwan, singapore or india?


Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure if you can tell from wrapping as down to my last tub of Sainsbury sourced discs (wrapper discarde). However the DVD-R have all been M.I.T., as for DVD+R there is a possibility of these being M.I.I… However all the discs I’ve had have been M.I.T.
BTW depending on the store they’re not always kept with the other blank media . This is because of being on offer. So you might find it easier to ask.


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Your Sainsbury’s discs were MIT? Both of my spindles were MII - luckily they burn like a charm on my LG4163 ;)…and yeah, mine are +R (MCC004, as you know), so that could be it.

And I second what Kev said - SVP! Excellent online store. :slight_smile:


From that picture, the cake box looks suspiciously like TY.


They do a bit, but I’ve never known PC World to stock TY Verbs :eek:…usually it’s Made in India stuff that I’ve seen recently in there.

I’m hoping to take a trip to my local PC World on Thursday, so I can check if you like :slight_smile: