I'd like to become a video game reviewer



If you need one, you've got one. I've got a PC, a PSX and an N64, so I can test games on those three formats. Or does anyone now where to apply for this kind of thing?
I know English, Dutch and French.
This is definately the wrong place to llok for official game sites, or isn't it...? ^_^



I think you’re right with official games.
But I’m thinking to start a gamereviews site (Nederlands)So if you have any interest give me a mail and I consider it. (I need some other people to help me with the graphics and other things)

Greetz Rush



I’ll mail you for some more info in a couple of hours or tomorrow, 'cause right now this PC is extremely unstable and I’m going to reinstall Windows,

See ya.


Hi, you could also try Tweakers.net it’s a dutch site about hardware and software,games…They also have game reviews but maybe you could also do previews and reviews of some newer games…and keep it up to date…they only have revieuws of some older games…


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