ID 3v1 Tag? Easier way?

oky…so i have lots of mp3 files and i have them all neatly organized, but when i add the files to my winamp playlist…they totally have different names. so i right click the file and go to view info…then unclick ID 3v1 Tag and ID 3v2 Tag…and then i get the orginal file name i gave it, but its so hard to do it one by one. is there an easier way?

Use Foobar2k’s masstagger or similar to redo the tags based on the file names.

^i have no idea what that means. isn’t there just a button on winamp that unclicks all the ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags on EVERY file at ONCE?

Yes, there is a single button, of sorts.

Do a Control-P, then go to Plug-ins, Input, then select the ‘Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder’. Click ‘Configure’ then at the new pop-up, click the ‘Title’ tab. Look for the ‘Use ID3v1/v2 tags’ check box. Uncheck it. Make sure the line above, ‘Title formatting’, has %7 in it. Then click the OK box, then Close. and you should have what you want, just the file name, from then on.

Use K-MP3 :