Icy box for pioneer dvr-108


i have a pioneer dvr-108 and was wanting to use it as an external for my laptop been looking at icy box but not sure if it compatible for the pioneer .

appreciate any help .



@ skinters,

Request being precisely specific in the exact Model Number of the “Icy Box” External Enclosure (http://www.tagan.com) you are considering for your Pioneer DVR-108 IDE DVD Burner.

Many “Icy Box” External Enclosures are specifically designed for SATA interface.


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well ive just been told that they dont do an icy box model that will fit my drive ,but with the searching ive done, it looks like others are using a 5.2 enclosure with oxford chipset.

im new to this and any info appreciated ,ive also been looking at ide to usb connection ,just want to know what options i have .i appologise for the double post i didnt think the first post was in the right place .



well well it seems the easy ones are the hardest eh ? hehe

thanks all the same


decided to go for a USB 2.0 & IDE Drive Adapter .

i didnt get the help i expected from the forum so ill leave a link incase anyone else has the same problem and want an easy option for using an old drive they have laying around .

sorry heres the link .