ICY BOX enclosures and disc quality scans


Today I finally received my two ICY BOX external enclosures, one IDE->USB2+FW, and second SATA->ESATA+USB2.

I use them for Plextor Premium 2 and Pioneer DVR-216 respectively.
Drives seem to be working OK (during the installation of Pioneer Windows reported an error, but the drive seems to be working fine nevertheless), but the problem is, that Nero DiscSpeed quality scans do not work on neither of them.

For Plextor, “Start” button on the disc quality scan page is disabled; for Pioneer, the button is enabled, bus as soon as the scan is started, the program reports that the drive “does not support this feature”.

Plextor PlexTools report C2 read capability for both drives. PlexTools scans work with Plextor, but not with Pioneer. KProbe with Pioneer starts and immediately finishes (didn’t try with Plextor).

There was one thread on the forum that blamed DiscSpeed, but I’m using the latest version which should work, according to this thread.

In the end I don’t know if the problem lies in the software, in the enclosure, or in the drives. Is there anyone who managed to run DiscSpeed scans on:

  1. Any of these drives mounted internally?
  2. Any of these drives in any external enclosure?
  3. Any other drives in ICY BOX enclosures?
  4. Any of these drives in ICY BOX enclosures?

I will be grateful for any hints, and will continue digging myself.


In the simplest form, CD-DVD Speed does not support either of those drives.

Pioneer drives do not scan well, and have been locked out of CD-DVD Speed’s disc quality scan function. Also, most of the later Plextor drives are pretty much locked to PlexTools for scanning [because of a measure implemented in the drives by Plextor], so they too are locked out of CD-DVD Speed’s disc quality scan function.

You’ll probably just have to do disc quality scans for CDs with the Plextor and Plextools, and get another DVD-scanning drive to scan DVDs [if you so choose].

Hey Albert,

Thanks for an exhausting reply.
So with Plextor I’m stuck to Plextools.
Do you know of any other tool I may try to use with Pioneer?

This news about poor scanning with Pioneer is a bit of a nasty surprise to me because many people consider these decent drives and I think quality scan capability is a rather essential feature.
In fact that was the main reason why I decided to buy an additional DVD drive to the one I have in my laptop (which doesn’t support quality scans too) :confused:


You may drive DVDInfoPro. It should still allow scanning with the Pioneer.

Just note, very few if any people scan with Pioneers [because their results can be erratic compared to other drives], so the only real use you may get is comparing your own burns to one another.

Thanks, I might try, but it seems I should start looking for a third drive, dedicated for the quality scans.