I just posted the article Icq2001a.

A new version of our beloved comunication progam (at least mine) version 2001 alpha is out.

Contact List on Servers - ICQ 2001b saves your ICQ Contact List on the ICQ servers. This means that…

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Remember peeps this is just the setup initial program,once you run it, it will then proceed to d/l the new files and update/remove no longer required files from your existing ICQ. :slight_smile: Not sure I like the idea of having your contact list stored on the ICQ servers, sounds a bit like big brother keeping an eye on us. I could be wrong,I have started a reaction so lets see what the rest of you think ok :7

I dont like that idea either that they will holding my list on there servers… so i will stick only by the 2000 version from now on.

how do i stop those blue mail spam things in ICQ2000b?

I like the idea… If your like me who gets on the net any chance I get from any computer it makes sense… Besides I dont see the harm in it anyways…

MSNM already holds contact lists on the server. I prefer trillian though anyway.

AOL holds contact list too… I have one word though. TRILLIAN www.trillian.cc check it out great IM proggie - and it is free of ads!

I don’t know what the big deal is. Big Brother doesn’t give a f*ck who you talk to on ICQ. You’re insignificant. Unless you’re a drug smuggler, a paedophile, or terrorist, you have nothing to fear by keeping your contact list on their servers.

Well it wont matter anyway why cause you can’t log on to the dam thing! Limited number of users, which doont include me :frowning:

I agree: TRILLIAN!!! The program rocks and it’ll be even better once they release the next upgrade.

Making ICQ ad free isnt very difficult, just takes some editing and redirection… I can probably dig up a link to help you out.

Well here is a URL … there is no patch yet but there will be soon … so stay tuned. I stick to ICQ 2000x untill the patch is out. http://www.krano.com/icq.htm ViRuZ

I don’t get it…!? This alpha-release has been available for download for months already! And this doesn’t even seem to be an “official” ICQ-release, since the homepage still states the 2000b as the latest release… Any thoughts on this?

I was a alpha-tester for ICQ and this is just that. An ALPHA version. Not an official release. When the official 2001 will be released (ofcourse a beta because they’re not sure what they want to do in regards to the status of the program (freeware/shareware/etc)) I’ll try it. But this Alpha might be just too damn buggy and you can loose your contactlist when you go over to the 2001 version instead of switching from the Alpha to the Beta.

ICQ99b is the one I use. It is last icq w/o those damned ads and it isn’t the bloatware of later versions. It also doesn’t cause my system to lockup like icq2000 did. And finally, I have a multiboot system using sys commander. I have win2000,(development) Win98,(games only) and Win98(general goofin off). I installed ICQ99b on a seperate drive that always boots as drive F from each OS. So no matter which OS I am booted on I am using the same copy of ICQ. the Icq2000 wouldn’t do this (so screw it) heheh