ICQ wants your opinion on Ads

I just posted the article ICQ wants your opinion on Ads.

Recently we posted news about the advertisements on ICQ. By replacing a file, you could easily remove the annoying ads, but now they want to know what we think of it.

It seems ICQ has posted a…

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I’d be REALLY careful about telling them you dont want adds. You know exactly what is coming next. They will remove the adds and try to charge for the service. They will be like: We offered you the choice of having it subsidised by adds or not and you chose not so now you will have to pay. We all know how to remove the adds. Let them keep using the adds. We can get rid of them and it gives us all the extra features that will either disappear of cost if they get removed. If they remove them I can imagine they’ll try to change for things like sending a txt message. Let the idiots out of the know support us getting a good service free.

nila is right the next move will be charcing us for icq use :frowning: so we better keep it this way :slight_smile:

Since they finall decided to have a standard for messaging, paying for icq wouldn’t be much of trouble… çause you should be able to use AOL messenger or any other app to communicate with icq users :wink: …That just takes a bit more time…

I don’t care if they would charge anything. The crack will be around soon enough anyways.

Ive found ICQ has become a buggy pice of shite recently (not that it was ever bug free), I currently use Odigo from http://www.odigo.com , I’d advise everyone to check it out, fully comatible with ICQ and a host of other IM programs, plus its very very stable :8

crivit: if they charge for it, that may be a server check or something nothing to crack in that case… take quake3 by example…

Mmm aslong as the adds are ‘tips’ for how to use ICQ, then it’s not such a big problem. If they’re starting with blinking commercial adds, then it can become VERRRRRRY irritating!

as long as there are cracks, i don’t care about ads… :slight_smile: