ICQ on Techkid

Hello Admin
There are something i dont understand
if i goto cdfreaks.com and in the top menu chuze
Club CD freaks
then at the near buttom of the screen are there a ICQ Number
But this number are not on ICQ if you seek of it
But if u search on the NAME cdfreaks
there are 2 of them, are those 2 related to this forum
1 one 31630300 and it is on yahoo.com
2 one 69911828 and its goes to and old number 2

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That ICQ number (74849614) is of the CD Freaks Active List but I myself have not been able to use it in ICQ 2001b… I’ll move this thread to the Feedback forum. Maybe on of the other Admins will know what’s going on or how to use it…

I think thiz number is out of closed, or it work with an older ver. of ICQ.
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