Icq hit the 100.000.000th user

I just posted the article Icq hit the 100.000.000th user.

I cant live with out it anymore

Icq the online comunication program hitted the 100.000.000 users on 3 may 2001

From the start on 17 november 1996 is Icq the most populair messenger…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1744-Icq-hit-the-100_000_000th-user.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1744-Icq-hit-the-100_000_000th-user.html)

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Right :r I have at least 7 icq uin! Damm, memory, I keep forgetting the damm passwords :4

ICQ - It rocks!! I Love it!

ICQ is the best!!! I Love it 2 :8

Well the more the merrier, come join the collective :d BTW: ICU2 :7

http://www.spoutnic.com/icq/ check this one for older ICQ versions (98a, 98b), which still are IMO, the best…Simple to use, without ads and ICQ2*.* bugs :4

hey - michalis. you can get rid of the ad… don’t remember the adress though… :wink:

Get ahead! Get on jabber! www.jabber.org open-source rocks

I stopped using it because of all the damn security holes. Installing it made using a firewall pointless. Is it more secure now?

Depends on the setting u use in preferences

To get rid of the :r ads This is the url http://www.krano.com/icq.htm#