ICQ Advertisements Removal

I just posted the article ICQ Advertisements Removal.

How to remove the annoying ICQ advertisements:

  • Download icqcore.dll (2,3Mb).( Mirror)
  • Save it on your harddrive (Not in the ICQ-Directory).
  • Copy your old ICQCore.dll to a backup…
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1358-ICQ-Advertisements-Removal.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1358-ICQ-Advertisements-Removal.html)

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Yes finally a fix for that annoying freaking thing. I will definitely try it out. Slows down my system and ICQ which gets annoying. :c

I started to go crazy when last night sudden this add poped up at my icq… TNX CDFREAKS :slight_smile:

AND YES IT REALY WORKS!!! :slight_smile:

ok good to hear! :slight_smile: And spread the word :4

YES!!! I love this guy!! He is a GOD. Those adds were getting on my nerves (well to be honest I never got any adds because I use AtGuard firewall and it removes them all for me (has a great feature that removes adds from anything and everything). The wasted space though was getting on my nerves. THANKS MAN!!

I’ve check download.com to see if I can find AtGuard without success. Do you know where I can get a evaluation copy of this?


AtGuard is discontinued, due to the fact that Norton bought the company (it’s now part of Norton internet security). I do know it is still available on some internet sites (ofcourse I do not know an URL :wink: ). Why not try to search at Google? DiONiX

Ok, I know we’re not meant to post urls so this isn’t a url. U might want to go to www.google.com and do a search for ‘fosi’ try a few of the links there and it will take you to his page. He has it on it. ENJOY

Here’s another way of removing the adds… Delete these files from your icq directory icqateima32.dll (removes advertisement downloading) icqateimg32.dll (removes the loading of images) icqateres.dll (removes part of the advertisement function) then remove the “partner” directory and restart icq and you are done.

http://home.talkcity.com/ComputerCt/thebofh/ A extremely well written guide on how to beat AOL’s greediness. I hope you will like it :4

Also, check out www.etplanet.com to make sure that ICQ doesn’t automatically update again by changing a setting in your options directory. Or be like me and hang in there with ICQ 99a

Probably a little late because I doubt many people will read a posting this old but does anyone know how to remove the add at the top of AIM because it take up tons of space and gets on my nerves. If you know please e-mail me at: nila@cheerful.com Thanks

this krano guy is a lame ass! as well as the Bullet group! they did not hack the icq banner. it was a friend and me. we cracked this baby a month ago. ------------------------ sorry i know that the guidelines says: Do not start flaming or offense other people. Keep it nice here! ------------------------- but can i do, i wont let other people steal the work others have done! If you have fond a small tutorial on how to remove the icq banner using the Reshack program, then u know that was us who made the tutorial. anyway enough of the fight, enjoy your icq without the banners :slight_smile: