ICQ 2001B without advertising!

I just posted the article ICQ 2001B without advertising!.

krano used our newssubmit to tell us:

Yeah, yeah, yeah he did it again! ICQ 2001b Alpha can now be used without the annoying advertisement banners !
You can download the ad-remover and find more…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2610-ICQ-2001B-without-advertising.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2610-ICQ-2001B-without-advertising.html)

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Thanks to Web Washer I don’t see any banners on CD Freaks either :d

I would not be proud of that, CD Freaks is not a large company, we NEED those banners, if you block them you are killing the site.

I’m pretty sure the ICQ banner killer only disables the banners on ICQ and not the CD Freaks banners.

Ever since I tried Miranda ICQ (http://miranda-icq.sourceforge.net/) I never ever used ICQ again.

Ever since I tried Trillina (www.trillian.cc) i have MSN, ICQ, Y!, AOL, IRC in one program. IT RULEZZZZZ

Well I don’t usually mind one or two banners on a website, but the “traffic by traffichome” pop-under is simply unacceptable. I was therfore forced to block ALL ads on CDFreaks. I’m happy to click on a banner once in a while to support the people behind a website but forcing this solidarity is too much!!!

With my second posting I was aiming to webwasher, software like that is very stupid to use, most websites depend on advertising with banners, they will dissapear when you use software like that, and what’s so bad about banners ? Popups are another thing, we have tried to keep our site popup free as long as possible, we also try to keep the site free of pr0n banners and other shitty things that can make money, but for now we are forced to use popups to earn money, as soon as it’s not needed anymore we will remove them at once !

I live in a rural area with no broadband and a poor connection, why should I download banners? Banners are a bad business model which has made the web cold and unfriendly. I mean, every site eventually turns into a business, this kills the spirit of sharing. I also see some inconsistency here, why icq banners are annoying and web banners not? After all, icq depends on banners as well.

why icq banners are annoying and web banners not? After all, icq depends on banners as well.
You have a point there I agree. The ‘annoying banner’ statement is mine but because I know CD Freaks and their situation the CD Freaks banners aren’t annoying. They are, like DoMiN8ToR said, simply necessary. ICQ is a major company with millions of users so these banners I can do without.

Banners completely suck. We don’t ask for them and they are forced on to us. They take up screen space and the 56k users suffer the most. When a website starts using banners, they are looking for a quick way to make a buck and they are taking advantage of the visitors that frequent their website. There are alot more ways to make money of a website and since you do have a fair amount of vistitors that frequent this site, you may want to look into money making alternatives.

<i>There are alot more ways to make money of a website and since you do have a fair amount of vistitors that frequent this site, you may want to look into money making alternatives.</i> Such as…? It would be very nice if you could share us some alternative solutions, both the webmasters and users will appreciate your suggestions. I’m on 56k, and sure popups are annoying, but I don’t mind them as long as CDFreaks provides us with decent news. :slight_smile:

Banners a bad business model ? How come newspapers exist for such a long time, mostly depending on advertisements --> most papers would be a lot more expensive without them, this is just same with internet pages. Banners are in noway a quick buck, big websites have entire forces to sell bannerspace. I would say a personal homepage on geocities doesn’t need a banner, large sites really need them. And downloading a 30k banner with 56k6 would take about 5 seconds and after that, it’s in your browsers cache. I really don’t get your point, but if you have a better idea, please share it with us…

Any1 here have problems connecting? (restricted)

Ha ! Didn`t I post before that Krano would do it :4 . Btw How about a donation page or something on CD-freaks ? Like the one on http://www.mame.dk ? In addition to the banners. ViRuZ

Stop whining about bloody banners, granted the situation isn’t perfect but the money to keep the site going has to come from somewhere. I’ve only got a 56k and i can put up with it. It seems fair enough for us to put up with it in return for the effort put in to run the site.

Well on the issue popups i only have one suggestion: use Netcaptor browser!!! this will open the popup in a new tab you won’t see because it does not open it but stays with the CDfreaks page and hey why not, its a great browser faster then IE, but it uses the shell of IE. Im using it for about 4 years now and i dont want any other browser (yes i used Opera):wink: www.netcaptor.com try it im sure a lot will use it from then on. :8

And now to get back to the original subject of the post :slight_smile: : I have red that ICQ now saves contact lists server side? (Think MSN style…) If this is the case this is the last upgrade I ever did :wink: and I surely won’t be upgrading to this new one if they store it server side, so anyone anymore info on this?


Yes both 2001a and 2001b stores contact lists on the server (and a copy on the machine). As long as they only save the contact lists and not the messages it’s fine with me… I’ve still not installed 2001 on my work machine since the alphas doesn’t contains the notes and reminders which I use there, but if I did, it would be nice not needing to maintain two separate contact lists…