ICQ 2000b is available for download

I just posted the article ICQ 2000b is available for download.

Submitted by: RMX
Source: http://www.icq.com/alpha/download/icq2000b.exe

This ICQ 2000b Alpha v.4.54 build #3256 has some important new features as: Free SMS Support and Free Calling.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/784-ICQ-2000b-is-available-for-download.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/784-ICQ-2000b-is-available-for-download.html)

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very kewl, icq still rox, mirc is awsome though
and isnt it icq2000 instead of icq200 ;-))

Who, this is realy a old app

wonder how they did that 1800 years ago ??

whit a icq-bird…

Like you couldn’t do that b4 withouth I Sicken u…get real man…


…My reaction whas to come behind HeLLFi$H his…what happend Dudes ???


…and again…

good to here that they have a new version …

Greetingz Woutiir


Hmm, Installation Restricted… How do I bypass this ? Tried it on W2K and WinME with no luck…

does it work with GSM (european) SMS?

He =Akira= I thought you were liquid hehe, b.t.w. It’s a good thing somebody else told you to use the SMS function hehe

I have used this software from the begining, and everytime they update it, it gets better and better, keep up the good work ICQ guyz…

Dis is da

White Fase Killa

[signing off… 4 now]

Mmmm when i try to install it it say “Installation restricted” and go back to windows!!!How can i fix this …Thx

ICQ b doesn’t work with me. It says installation restricted. How do I install it then?

I can send SMS from my icq numba, but how can i recive them on icq ?

damn crap…
restriction blabla…
why ???

ICQ b doesn’t work with me. It says installation restricted. How do I install it then?

Hmm ICQ rocks, does anyone has this problem with build 3143, sending to online users,send dialog says “send offline message” but user is online ?

oud nieuws ik gebruik deze build al 3 weken…