Hello, used the slysoft anydvd with no trouble for the free trial. After purchasing the product my ripper ICopyDvDs2 will still rip the dvd but no longer recognizes when I place a blank disc into the dvd drive keeping me from actually burning a copy of the movie. I just wondered if this is a hidden feature of anydvd (meaning they want you to buy clonedvd2). Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have tried using multiple dvds + and - memorex and an office depot brand. My burner is a memorex dl 16x. Thanks for any ideas on this. I downloaded a free trial of clonedvd2 and it recognizes the media with no trouble.


There is no difference between the free trial and the purchased one. You could try turning AnyDVD off after you rip to your hard drive.

I did try that, but no luck.

Seems it may have been a one time thing though. King Kong is burning fine with ICopyDvDs2 right now. After thinking back my wife and I only tried to get one movie in particular to burn over and over with no luck. (Dora the Explorer). As soon as I switched movies, presto. Thanks for the response and these forums.


Are you running any SATA (RAID) drives?

A Sata drive yes, not raid though. Does a sata drive interfere with the recognition of blank dvds by some products? Thanks for taking the time to respond.


I can’t remember if it was raid or SATA that needed safe mode option checked that’s why I asked. Maybe another member can respond on this.