Iconsistent Spindle?



Ive been using the same spindle for all of my burns and lately the quality seems to have taken a nosedive. The first picture was burned 10 or 15 discs earlier in the spindle, and the next was burned last night. Nothing much has changed in my setup, only the quality of the burns. Any comments would be appreciated. Oh, 3550A using 1.Y5.


Try scanning one of the earlier discs again to see whether it is the disc or your scanner that has degenerated. This is not as unlikely as it may sound, since my NEC 4551 scanned rather well for the first 5-10 scans and then suddenly started scanning much worse.

Having a shoft in quality within a spindle of media is something that I also seen so that is definitely a possibility!


I’ll check that when I get back home tonight. In the meantime, here is a scandisc of the burn from lat night. dont you just love the pretty colors? Is this indicative of a bad burn or bad media?


Also another quick mention, last week my computer virutally exploded from spyware, so I had to fix a lot of things, but now it is working flawlessly. Could this have had an impact, or am I just grasping at straws now?


@ frozndevl,

In one of your previous postings concerning CMC MAG M01 media you made the comment “not great media”.

CMC Magnetic Corporation is not known for high quality control standards for their CMC MAG M01 media.

Yes it is quite possible that the media on your ‘spindle’ could be of poor quality.

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Well, I rescanned the disc I scanned earlier with the more positive result. Its not as good as it was, lovely degradation for a month… but still better than the crap second scan I posted before. So it looks like my burns have decided to go to the crapper all of a sudden… either something changed or the media is wildly inconsistent. Next time Im buying TY.


I think its the spindle… had a couple of bad burns, then this one.