Icon's on a cd


How would one go about making a cd that has an icon (not the ordernary cd icon but a custom) in explorer??

I do not wan’t a program to start (autostart) and if I leav that part out of a autostart.inf the folder will open instaed. Witch I do not want either.

Thanks for your help!

i put in half life


is the autorun thing. try that, with just the icon= part ? not sure if that applies to the cd or the autorun file. there is a great link somewhere on this forum about autorun in general, which probably would clear that up, but i dont have it bookmarked :frowning:

Thanks but that will open the folder of the autorun.inf file (CD) so how do I gat around that??

(Tryed to looc for the link you said but can’t find it).

Maybe these links can give you some more info:


If I put this autorun.inf file on the disc, the explorer window would not open, and the custom icon would show up. However, double-clicking on the icon of the CD would cause an error saying that access to a specified device, path, or file was denied.

Autorun.inf code: