IClick and Clone DVD2



I have both 1Click and Slysofts Clone DVD2 that i use with AnyDVD which are all always updated. The last couple of months I have noticed that some of my backups performed with 1Click have poorer Nero scan scores and often with bad sectors on these copies. When I use Nero’s quick scan feature the scores normally stay between 90 and 100 and do not show these errors, but when I use full scan mode and rescan the same DVD media previously done in quick scan mode many times the scores fall below 50 and sometimes down to zero and have several bad sectors on them. If I recopy the exact same DVD with Clone DVD2 the scores are far better and with no bad sectors. Please note that I copy the DVD to HD first using AnyDVD and Clone DVD2 with DVD9 media selected so I can copy the entire DVD to HD without compression, then I use 1Click or Clone DVD2 to to do the backup and compress as needed.

What gives ?

Does anyone have any rational explanation ? or ideas ?


Right Click on the 1Click Interface > Setting Menu

Do you have CPRx enabled - when using 1Click with AnyDVD ?
If so , [B]>UN[/B]Check= Enable CPRx

Also, >UNCheck= Enable media stats collection - VSO: FALSE

>> If you’re using DVD -Rs
Try setting the DVD-R Write Mode at “Try SAO First”

>> You may be burning too fast -
Try Decreasing your Preferred Burn speed to 1/2 of your Media’s Rating
ie: 16x Media= Burn@ 8x ; 8x Media= Burn@ 4x

If you posted your >> F8 1Click log

  • I might be able to tell you more - specifically



I disabled CPRx this week when I caught on to this problem, VSO has always been unchecked, Try SAO first has always been enabled for my DVD-R media as 1click would not finalize other wise, and I have book typed to DVD-Rom within Nero suite for my DVD+R media.

1Click is set to 12x burnas I am using Verbatim media often suggested here, 16x DVD+R burned at 12x. I an burning with clone DVD2 sret at max speed with better results than 1click which is really surprising to me as up to recently 1click has always been flawless or almost.

I will try both 8x burns and 16x under 1click with problematic DVD’s to test and compare against one another, then compare with Clone DVD2 at 16x or Max also.


Nero scan score are really irrelevent. Especially the Quick scan. Does the movie play alright? A fingerprint could cause a low score or maybe other variables. It could also be a media issue. I use all the LG Software with great results, but sometime the Nero scans are not very predictable or accurate. Try burning at a slower speed and see if you get better results. Just a thought.