ICH Delayed Transaction BIOS option

See ICH Delayed Transaction in my BIOS, my user manual tells me I can enable it or disable it, but nowhere can I find what it actually means or does.

Anyone know. Should I enable/disable it? I am not overclocking.

Well, Google helped me out. This is what I found:

Der Chipsatz verfügt über einen integrierten 32-bit Schreibpuffer um PCI-Zugriffe zu verzögern. “Enabled” (eingeschaltet) ist die Einstellung, die mit den PCI 2.1 Spezifikationen übereinstimmt.

As you are American, I don’t expect you can read German. So let me translate it for you:

The chipset has an integrated 32bit writebuffer to give access to the PCI bus. When this option is enabled, the PCI bus works according the PCI 2.1 specifications.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I found many German explainations. Thanks for translating also. I guess it won’t hurt to enable it.