“Audio outputs temporarily muted. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™
and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, see Message Code 3
playing disc of kick ass 2 that I had just made successfully and 15 minutes or so sound is gone while watching copy and this message appears???
Can you help:a


I could try to explain but search in this forum for some information on Cinavia .
This is what it is supposed to do.
I haven’t tried but this disc might play on your computer with the correct media player. I understand AnyDVDHD removes Cinavia well enough to do that.

I still wouldn’t buy DVD-Ranger CinEx . Just as a heads-up.


how do I get it to play in my dvd player. First time this has come up in 1000 movies


There are few DVDs that have Cinavia . If this is one of them you can’t currently make a “Good” quality DVD backup.
Most DVD players made before 2012 don’t detect Cinavia but I think some do.
Whenever your DVD player was made apparently it is one that does detect Cinavia .
So you will need to find a used one that doesn’t. That is actually the best solution.
Otherwise you will just have to play the original.

First I want to make this clear before making this suggestion.
I don’t have any DVD-Ranger software on my computers & I’ve never had any.
From what I’ve read here on this forum I don’t like their support ,service , or other business practices. That being said.
DVD-Ranger does (or did) have a trial version with CinEx. This is supposedly improved . So you could try that. Just don’t consider that a recommendation from me.
I’ve listened to some of the files that have been converted by others & I found the audio still inferior .

The other solution & this depends on if your DVD player will play other formats is to convert to one of those . Cinavia isn’t detected on some of those.


I’ve [B]never[/B] heard of a DVD player that honors Cinavia. What make and model is this?

Cinavia detection is normally found on Blu-ray players introduced to the market since February of 2012. And it is also detected by the Blu-ray software players that have AACS accreditation, such as Arcsoft TMT 6, or PowerDVD 13.

AnyDVD can suppress Cinavia detection in some of the software players, though this is a game of whack-a-mole, as the player software is adjusted to compensate, then Slysoft cracks it again.

If your DVD player can accept mp4 or avi files, you can try converting to those formats and see if the Cinavia is detected. I would suggest Vidcoder to convert to H264 mp4, or Video to Video as a program for conversion to Xvid avi.


@ Kerry , I actually haven’t tried to find a DVD player that detects Cinavia.
Since Cinavia is reported to be on a very few DVDs I thoght there might be a few new DVD players that do detect Cinavia .
I’m not going to look for one but maybe someone will post if they have or know of one.