Icelandic Napster+ (REX)

I just posted the article Icelandic Napster+ (REX).

Thanx to Lord02 we now know that there is a new filesharing service outthere again called REX. Well new? I dunno, but I didn’t know it before…

I can’t make up if this filesharing service is…

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if you can somehow manage to scroll down the bottom window (i clicked on it with the middle mouse button, so the arrows appeared) you will notice the following : “Íslenska Tónlistarskiptiforritð REX er væntanlegt 1. September 2001”, which will propably mean something like: program released 1 september 2001, and after that it says “BETA-prófendur geta sótt um hér” which in my best icelandic will be translated to “beta testers click here” because it is a link to the following e-mail address : hope this helped :slight_smile:

It seems the program is still in early beta phase and is expected to be released in the beginning of September… There is a possibility though to sign in for the beta program…

let’s keep our eyez on this!! u’ll never know!! :g

heheheh, Yes guys, you translate pretty well :slight_smile: -It’s correct, the software will be out the 1st of September 2001 and it will be a napster-like program but with much, much more in it. E.g. you can tune into radiostations (similar to Spinner) and broadcast your own radiostation, mix songs and much more … Iceland Rulez !!! :8