ICE news release on P2P piracy networks and Elite Torrent



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                           FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ANNOUNCES CRACKDOWN ON P2P  PIRACY NETWORK First Criminal Enforcement Against  BitTorrent Network Users Washington, DC - Acting...
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What the heck does U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement department has to do with p2p? Shouldn’t it deal with customs and immigration? Anyway, asides from that, billions of lost revenue? I bet this operation cost more than all potential revenues lost due to site distributing the copyrihgted work.


You read my mind…


What do you expect, for real they released the movie over torrents before it began playing in theatre’s, the idiots that use p2p for neferious reasons will get caught and deservidly so. If you can’t afford to pay the piper, you better put the damn pipe down or suffer the consequences.


If the US government put this much effort into real crims, like child porn and drug dealing, which affect REAL people and not just thei bribers, I mean lobbyists, I mean the media cartel, then I think the US would be better off. Going after people who have no real tangible effect on crime is about as stupid as putting a person in jail for jay walking. This has been my personal opinion, I just feel these resources could be better spent elsewhere on REAL crime, not this non tangible nonsense. Copyright has gotten far too out of hand in the US, and I wonder how long until this division has more power then the DEA or CIA because of who is probably doing the funding behind the closed doors.


The Piracy war will soon be over. Everyone will be in jail, there won’t be anyone left to see the movies in theatres.


Your half right Jack, the piracy war will end and the internet will be a place of Commercialism and Control, no more freedom of information everything controlled, lets face it the way “they” do things is rowening the internet stripping it down from what use to be a free place, where information was free and not controlled, with every corporate business copywriting other peoples ideas, now the internet will become just a another system of control.


No your wrong this war will never be over. The internet well never be fully controled. I think that they should just move all there servers different countries that really dont care about copyright laws. Thats the most important thing the internet cant really be controled because no one country can put laws on it to try and control it. It up to the country that the user is in.


Man it is getting scary isn’t it? You have freedom in the USA…freedom of creativity…freedom to live a heathy and fulfilling life…freedom to come and go. Yeppers we are protecting all those freedoms in this country…that is as long as some corporation doesn’t have enough money to buy them out from under you…then your creations are owned and controlled by a few…your movements are becoming more restricted and if you can afford to have good health you can have that too. Yep that is what we have been bragging about since the founding fathers put it all together…this is what we have fought wars for…the freedom to be controlled…owned…restricted…stiffled. And now we have a Department of Homeland Security. They sit around trying to make every violation of traditional laws some kind of threat to National Security because sweeping those statutes into their realm allows them to voilate damn near every constitutional protection the forefathers worked so hard to put in place. Welcome to American folks the land of the free…please read all disclaimers. And remember they can’t catch Bin Ladin so the second best bet is to make movie pirates a threat to the homeland.


Copywrite owners will just refuse to release there products in a country that doesnt abide by the copywrite law,people will go insane becouse they cant get there Britney Spears CD or Software in there country and the country will be forced to do like everybody els and “Hunt” people who brake seposite Copywrite laws,if Im not mistaken the mejorety of the internet2 structure was rediesigned soley for securet reasons aswell,so the likely hood is there that the internet as we know it will die out.