Ice cold should get a post limit

Well does he?

After we put a chain on bcn_246 (ben) :wink: , shouldn’t we do the same to Ice cold?

He’s got 62 posts a day: check

who’s ice cold???

62 is not enough to beat ben (me thinks that he had much more than 100 when he started?)

lets see how long it takes before ben says something then limit him:bigsmile:

What are post limits for? Obviously I have an idea what they do but why do you “give” people post limits?

Dont bother me none

Na let him be! Hes just getting used to the forum


x = 25

I am not bothered, he will never overtake my max!

@Razor! He would get 5 more than me! :frowning:

Ben :slight_smile:

my max was 109

i doubt i could do that so i won’t bother tryin
when i go back to college my postings will become less

Let the lad have his fun!!

Just give him time to THAWED.

lol @ ben

Ben is the undisputed king;)

20 posts per day

In Ben’s case, he was doing a lot of posting for the sake of posting, which could get a little disruptive. :wink:

As long as your posts add something they are fine, if (as I used to do) they are just there to increase your post count, they become a problem.

Ben :slight_smile:

It is for the second time (first was Ben’s “case”) I can not perceive the main idea of determining a post limit, especially in case of CDFreaks like Ben or Ice Cold.

And if we are talking about limitations or any other steps taken as a consequence of inadequate behaviour, I feel a kind of partiality. In some transparent cases no steps are taken, instead CDFreaks have to pursue needless as well as usless disputes.

To make the long story short: let him post as much as he wants.

My poll was meant as a little “joke”, but everybody is posting very serious (this is the Livingroom, right :wink: ).

My personal opinion: let him post as long as his posts add something… :stuck_out_tongue:


are you the cop around here???

Looks at status … no I’m not.

But who knows in the near future?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you read my earlier post (4 above this one)??