Ice Age - The Meltdown

Anyone having problems with this DVD? Everytime I copy I get the director’s comments and can’t turn them off.

Jbinnings -

Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks Forum posting concerning how to determine and select the audio streams contained on a Commercial DVD Movie Title. Note the comments in posting #6.


This R1 dvd has 3 english audio tracks on it. Audio track #1 is the 5.1 english track. My original dvd of this title defaults to audio track #1. The other 2 available english tracks are commentary tracks. Make sure you’ve included audio track #1 and select that one when you play it.

I had this happen last year on another title. Slysoft helped me by telling me to turn on (check) all the audio streams as I had one off that shouldn’t be. I did that and it worked great. I had unchecked too many trying to save disk space… :o

when using dvd shrink to rip movie select main 5.1 audio only surely it cant be that hard to work out silversurfer

No problems with Anydvd and CloneDVD 2901 in full disc mode.

I am having a problem with this one but only when I choose to copy the whole disc and not just the movie only. I choose all titles and menus and when it starts to backup it shows it working but after 10 minutes nothing no files in the folder that I setup and also no progress in the bar in clonedvd 2, but when I choose movie only mode It’s ok no problems. I did want the whole thing and dont know why this is happening? I have windows XP home with anydvd and clonedvd 2 ver. If theres anything I left out let me know!!!I just used 1click dvd copy and no problems at all backing up the whole movie I guess I is something in clone dvd 2…

As I posted just above you: “No problems with Anydvd and CloneDVD 2901 in full disc mode.” This is the R1 WS release. Had clone output to an ISO, mounted it, checked it, burnt it, watched it! :smiley:

Sounds like it’s something specific to your setup.

Ok, you have no problem, but i did and I know it is from the movie, Ice age. I have had no other problem with any other movies at all backing up the whole disc and not just the movie. I just finished backing up (You Me and Dupree , whole disc) no problem there. My question is does anybody have a problem backing up the whole disc? Maybe I will reinstall the clone dvd2 and see if the takes care of it.

Ok found out the problem here… reinstalled clone dvd2 and all is well something may have been missing.