ICE admits to mistakenly seizing innocent sites during domain raid

ICE admits to mistakenly seizing innocent sites during domain raid.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Last week ICE, in conjunction with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, carried out "Operation Protect our Children" - an effort which targeted child pornography sites via far-reaching domain seizures. However, the well-intentioned mission resulted in some unforeseen consequences: the closure of over 84,000 sites, most of which had nothing to do with hosting or distributing child pornography as accused. ICE issued a statement admitting the mistake, but was quick to point out that the operation was somewhat successful.

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I don’t think this will surprise many people. Just further evidence of the incompetency of our Federal Government here in the good old USA.

This just follows the formula our government uses of:

  1. Create a problem
  2. Enact a supposed solution
  3. Then claim victory in solving the made-up/exaggerated problem
  4. Then the truth comes out that nothing was really accomplished
  5. Repeat steps 1-4

84,000 sites illegally closed or commandeered through federal bungling and ineptitude. I know you’re only allowed to sue the government when they allow you to but I think, with their admission that they were in error, there’s an opening for a class action lawsuit here; illegal seizure, slander, false charges, pain and suffering.

Someone should be looking into this. Try some of them lawyers in California that can start a case without even having an actual client. Bet there’s a few of them that would love a crack at it.