Ic7 does anybody let the software resize automatically

i have only been useing dvddecrypt and instant copy now for a few weeks to back up my dvds, other then a few failures my copies play perfectly on my dvd player.my question is i dont cut anything out after useing dvddecrypt i use ic7 and let it do all the work for me.it automatically resizes the dvd and i find they play perfectly on my dvdplayer and my toshiba surround sound tv.am i doing it wrong.colin

As long as you are happy with the results m8 then no you are doing nothing wrong. Sounds like you are doing everything right if you are happy! :wink:

Yes, you can turn down the pic quality of the extras and menus etc but it seems you have more chance of running into problems the more you fiddle with and alter IC 7. Though you can acheive some great results if you get it just right.