IC7 and TV Episodes NOT playing

I’m using IC7 to do Star Trek TNG and after finding out about Instant Copy Settings, I went and downloaded the latest versions of both programs. To preserve quality I decided to put only 2 episodes per disk since IC Settings allows title removal.

None of my 2 episodes per disk worked in my DVD player, though the computer picked them up fine and played them in Power DVD. I’ve made scores of disks with all episodes present and no problems. Is there some reason why burning only some episodes shouldnt work? I’m beginning to think it’s the player “fault” but I’d like to hear from the experts.

IC7 has (potential) problems with standalone players after title removal and this should be fixed in IC8 (not sure if fixed is really the proper term to use since title removal wasn’t actually supported in IC7 and is only possible with registry hacking).

Ok, so I went ahead and stopped doing title removal and had no problem …I then backed up Star Trek TNG Season 4 no problem, but now I’m having issues with Star Trek TNG Season 6 the audio is coming out garbled when I play it on my computer and it’s even lagging. Further these backups wont even be picked up on my JVC DVD player. Ahhh, can I just do backups with title removal of TV episodes with Nero Recode? Bueller, bueller anyone?