IC & DVD95 oddities

First the IC occurrence: “Tora Tora” NTSC. About half way through(approx 3.8gb of 6.8gb) XP tells me “the program will now end, send error report blah blah”. It stops at the intermission portion of the movie. Tried it with SmartRipper and DVD Decrypter on 2 different PC’s with similar results. Then did it with DVD95, worked great and all extras audio was intact. For DVD95 seems like the missing extras audio is somehow DVD specific.

The DVD95 occurrence: “The Perfect Storm” also NTSC. The transcode starts out with “0” time left for “current file” and continues to go up to about 400+ minutes for “entire DVD”. Once it gets past re-packing title 1, the timer for “entire DVD” goes down to about 75 minutes(about the norm). Title 2 is the movie and I don’t actually know if it means anything but from title 1 VOB, file VTS_01_0 has zero bytes after being ripped. DVD95 does not transcode this file over. Not sure if this DVD will burn and work without the missing VTS_01_0 VOB??? Trying it now.

BTW, using IC ver 7.1 and DVD95 ver 1.2.2