IC Burnout?

A friend of mine asked me to take a look at his computer for him; he said that his DVD drive wouldn’t open or close. When I checked it out I found that the drive was detected by the OS on more than one system I tested it in, but as he said, would not open, or close, or from what I could tell, even try to do so.
So I put a replacement drive he got in, then with his permission opened up the original drive to see if maybe something had been jamming it. What I soon noticed that small areas of the one PCB seemed to be inexplicably burned, including on of the ICs (I’d identify what it was if I were able to actually read the serial on it) and a nearby patch of resistors.
Does anyone know what could have caused this? The owner said he’s had it about a year, but only ever burned a couple DVDs using it. It is a HP dvd640c.
I’ll try to upload some pictures later if I can find my card reader.