IC and the Emporer's Club

I was backing up my copy of Emperor’s Club. I used DVD Decryptor 3.1.50 to rip the disk to the HD. I processed all the menus and Extras to about 52% and the movie in the 70% range. I processed a few times until I found I needed to set it at 4.31 for a 4.36 PDI Files.
After writing the disk here’s what happens. The root menu comes up fine. If I hit Play the disk will play fine. But if I go into any of the other menus coming out of whatever I choose the screen is black and I hear the background music of the root menu playing. If I hit the select button I can sometimes get back the menu I was on, or a different menu, but never back to the root.

Now this was on my XBox. I took the disk to one of my other players and it’s slightly different, I can get back to the menu I was on, like the special features, but I Hear the root menu music and I can see the selections slightly from the root.

It would seem to me the menu structure somehow got messed up. I’ve backed up plenty of disks with IC and have not had this occur. I am only keeping the 5.1 sound and the english sub. But I am not removing extra features etc…

Anyone have any suggestions? Could I fix the disk by reripping it to the HD with Decrypter and then use IFOedit on it ?