IBM's = UJ-822 DVD/CD Burner; WHY not compatable with other Laptop's?

…was told that the IBM’s UJ-822 DVD/CD ReWriter is NOT compatable to use on other Laptop’s ! ! ! :sad: :doh: :confused: …Is this true and would like to know WHY, OR, am i being missled upon this information??? …was told also, this goes vise-a-vera; …cannot install a NON-IBM drive in an IBM Laptop… :confused: much appreciate any help/comment’s/experience of knowledge for this…

mr. Charles

You cannot because its OEM IBM and only will work in IBM computers.


…thx for your quick reply on this, chef :clap: …guess i picked this one up for nothing for now, but, maybe have an IBM-laptop come in soon for an upgrade from “their” combo-drive, soon i hope…again, thx chef

mr. Charles