IBM updates copy-protection software

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IBM is now also in the run for a copyright protection solution. With their system called Electronic Media Management System they hope to block illegal use of digital media such a pictures, music…

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The future of computing does not look so good. WTF…

This is the same IBM that helped the Nazis with their extermination camps right? How ironic.

Hmm - I dont see why they’re wasting their time trying to add copy protection to images. Print Screen or any equivalent app can get around that one. They are gonna make life really boring if every single thing online has protection in it. Technology is at the end of the day the ultimate control weapon. All it’s going to take is time for the people who want the control to catch up with the technology and we’ll all be in trouble.

Well, it seems that we no longer should buy any hardware from IBM:4

Personally, I am glad that they’re doing it. Technology has far ourpaced our ability to police it, and any- and everyone in the digital media industry is fully aware of how rampant piracy is. And who can blame them? They are simply trying to prevent the illegal distribution of their product. And despite all the outrage often displayed in this and other similar forums, copy protection will not go away anytime soon, and will only increase. There’s too much money involved. And along with the increase in quality/sophistication if copy protections will be an increase in the number of prosecutions against those who engage in this. Whatever y’all may think of the subject, it’s clearly an inevitability. The movement towards secure digital media is just only now beginning to gain momentum.

Quote: “We see EMMS working with everything from medical records, online music, and video to electronic books,” says Paul Rettig, director of digital media development for IBM. “I see EMMS cracked the day it comes out.” says Storn_Par, who thinks copyprotections suck and are a complete waste of time/money.

This isn’t a big deal since no one buys IBM hard drives any more. Since their high performance drives die with in a year (75gxp series). Then they recently state that the gxp series wasn’t ment to be on more than 8 hours a day. Go figure…

What is the problem? If we cant download anything, why do we need new harddrives?

I wouldn’t even recommend any one too buy a Hard Drive from IBM :4 I went through 4 of them within months. :frowning: They are the most unreliable drives on the market :frowning: I use Western Digital 7200rpm, and have had no failures in over a year. :slight_smile: Too state a drive should not be on for more than 8hrs a day, is very strange. :4 I suggest IBM close their factories down with immediate effect, and go and fight in Israel :d Mind you their guns would prob fail(overheat in 8 seconds), and IBM would be wiped off the planet :wink: Greetz from The Diplomat, I am in an undiplomatic mood with this post :slight_smile:

Well Living_Tribunal, I agree that some (most) forms of technology should be policed (nanotechnology has the ability to do as much harm as good)…but with these particular companies it’s not about the benefits to mankind, for them it all comes down to the dollar and profits and piss on the rest… When I buy media, that media is mine to do with as I wish, copy, bisect,disect,mangle,frizbee,etc…etc…and fuck them…but if I DISTRIBUTE…then they have a bitch. I know …your going to say THATS the problem…but I don’t see too many of these company voices on the dole queue…narrow minded ???..yep I might be

spot on sherrif what the hell would you do if every thing was policed on the net wouldnt be any reason to be here would it:d

I am just as much against all this copy protection as the next man, but you can’t blame them for trying. Most people with cars have a car alarm, but your local car theif does not knock at your door complaining about the fact. If they really want your car they will find out how your alarm works and find a way to bypass it. I think the same applies here, exsept for stamping your feet and stating how unfair it is, find out how it works and get around it.

petera: I think we all intend to go around it, our complaint is that these people somehow feel the need to make our lives harder. Don’t you find it insulting that when you buy a CD, the record company somehow is pinning you as a re-distributer? So you pay the price of the few people who are actually reselling the CD’s for income? Frankly that pisses me off bigtime. I don’t know how many of you guys read the Roger Ebert statement (it was here about a month ago, maybe a little less) but he’s right. RIAA & others need to decide who their friends and fans are, and who their enemies are. :r sigh Maybe we can all launch a new internet, that is private instead of public :4.

den_8_5: Yes it does piss me off that we are all treated a big warez dealers, but I think we are going to be stuck with it for a long time. If you were around in the days of the Amiga when everything came on floppy’s, most companies went to great effort to try and either make the disk un-copyable for the program crack proof. Of course it didn’t work as most stuff was cracked and could be downloaded from you local warez BBS. My point is that this has been going on longer than most people have been into computers, it’s just changed media. A private internet… hmmm, maybe it’s time to resurect the old BBS system ;).

What These Companys Need To Relieze Is That Any Copy Protection,No Matter How Good It Might Be Will Always Be Cracked,There’s No Way To Stop It.If People Can Make It People Can Brake It.They Call Us Pirate’s But A Pirate Is Someone That Steals Products And Distributes Them For A Profit,I Run A Warez Server And I Have Never Made One Red Cent Off Of Anything On It,Nor Do I Want To.Hell It Costs Me Money To Keep The Damn Thing Up And Running.RIAA,IBM,Midbar,Macrovision,All The Rest Of You Fucks,PLEASE WAKE THE FUCK UP AND RELIEZE THE TRUTH SOON,or Your Business Will Be No More.