IBM unveils integrated CPU encryption for tight security/DRM

I just posted the article IBM unveils integrated CPU encryption for tight security/DRM.

 Several  years back, Intel unveiled its hardware level security, the Trust Platform Module, which aims to overcome software hacking, such as 

intercepting the decoded output from DRM protected…

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sooner or later it will come to the market; we won’t be able to run anything unless signed…hopefully not the encryption will have a hole for homeland security and others alike…i heard uk government wants ms to make holes for them

Physical ‘piggy-back’ on hardware is not unhearded of, think PS mod chips and possibly the upcoming HDCP debunkers :wink: Kind of like “blueneuron” for bigblue :wink:

they can only lock down the new kit with this new technology but what goodwould that do them if people just left it on the shelves to rot ? the consumer has the power to away witht these stupid antics just by not buying or standing for it take a look at the french recently got the government to do a reversal wow i take my hat to the french for standing up and kicking ass

Hey folks, stay tuned for the CD Freaks headline 6-30 hours after IBM markets this protection scheme: [B]IBM hardware DRM disallows [___][/B] (where [___] is “store-bought music CDs” or “packaged software CDs” or “some studios’ DVD movies”) And Sony will grin and say “I remember when that happened to us…”