IBM to reveal details on Xbox 360 processor

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      It's about a month away until the release to retail  of Microsoft's Xbox 360, but IBM have traveled to the Fall Processor Forum  in San Jose, California, to discuss the...
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Correct me if I’m wrong, but does even the latest graphics chip (ATI X800, Nvidia GF6)reach to that amount of bandwidth - limiting factor would be performance of graphics chip not bandwidth. Also, if the parts are integrated in XB360, so how is that going to help?
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How long before someone sticks linux on this box?

:d I am already working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Truman… I think you should now mean. ATI 1800XT 512mb - 1400MHz total memory clock speed Nvidia’s 7800GTX 256mb - 1200MHz total memory clock speed These are the latest…:g

In the Article Dan Bell Quotes “…sure sounds better than a 733Mhz P3!” I’m a little confused now I thought PS3 was going to use the cell prosseccor running at 3.2GHz with eight cores? Did they switch to a 733MHz cell with eight cores? Someone fill me in on this please?

733MHz P3 not PS3 P3 = Pentium 3 (inside the xobx) Were you just joking?
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Yes, I was referring to the current Xbox that has (I think) a 733 MHz Pentium 3. I should have made that clearer - sorry!

Its actually a 733 Celeron

bloody hell! imagine a 733celeron Vs a 3200 dual cpu!!! i am gonna buy an xbox 360! :d